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Donations and Community Support

Jump And Jam Long Island Inc. proudly donates and supports charitable organizations in the community. Each year Jump And Jam Long Island Inc. chooses 3 organizations which will receive 100% donations up to $1000 each.

Other organizations may be eligible to receive a rental donation based on the merits of their respective donation request form submission.

The value of donation will not be greater than 30% off the regular price of any rental request.

Applicable Travel and Delivery Fees will not be considered in the value of the donation offer.

For all donations, payment of 100% of the rental value is required prior to the event date; the donated portion of the rental will be refunded back to the organization after successful and satisfactory completion of the rental agreement.

The donated portion will be given via company check from Jump And Jam Long Island Inc.

At no time will Jump And Jam Long Island Inc. donate to “For Profit” organizations.

Due to insurance guidelines Jump And Jam Long Island Inc. is unable to participate in “sponsorships” or “endorsements” of any sporting or similar activities youth or otherwise.

Thank you for your participation in our online donation request process.To request a donation please complete the form below: Please be advised, this is a request for donation only. Completion of this request form is in no way a guarantee or suggestion that a donation of any value will be granted. Please allow at least 7 business days for consideration of your request.

All Donation Requests must be received no less than 60 days before the event date. Donation requests submitted within the 60 day window of the event date will not be considered.

Donation Request

Name of Organization

Contact person

Contact Number



Description of event and charity

Items requestion to be dontated

Date of event

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