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Inflatable Slides

Residential/Home rentals are full day rentals. day means we deliver, set-up and show you how to operate the slide. Then we leave and return the next day to pick up the rented item. Attendants are not included in the rental price but they can be added for $75 for the first 3 hours then $25/hour after the first three. If you do want an attendant the delivery guys will arrive approx. 1 hour prior to the start time of the party and have the slide up and running before your party starts. The slide will be taken down after the attendants time is up. If you would like the slide to stay after the attendant leaves and picked up the following day there will be a $45 dollar fee added to the rental.

Block Parties- that are over 17ft tall are rented for 4-6 hours for block parties and require attendants for the duration of the event for safety reasons and are to rental price unless otherwise stated. We are flexible and we will work with you your delivery/pick-up times. Dry slides, slip and slides and water slides under 18ft can be rented "Full day" without attendant. Full day for block parties means that we will deliver the inflatables after your block closes the street and we pick up between We will give you an approx. time. Due to the inflatables being the street we are not able to leave the items on the road overnight.  

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