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Toddler Bouncers

Circus Combo

$350 Full day Good for all ages Length: 16'6" Width: 20'0" Height: 9'

Mickey park toddler Length: 22'0" Width: 21'6" Height: 13'0"


Disney Princess Toddler Length: 16'6" Width: 19'0" Height: 10'10"


Animal park toddler Length: 17'6" Width: 17'0" Height: 9'2"


Pirate ship Bounce house Length: 24' Width: 17'0" Height: 15'


13ft slide Length: 24' Width: 17'0" Height: 15'

Waterslide $299

2 area combo bounce house Length: 24' Width: 17'0" Height: 15'


2 lane combo bounce house Length: 24' Width: 17'0" Height: 15'


Delivery/Pick up

*Full day rentals - Full day rentals mean that you have the bouncer for the duration of your event. We deliver at least 1 hour prior to the start of your event and as early as the morning of your party. If the bouncer is in a secure location(backyard) we can possibly deliver the day before, just mention when booking that you would like delivery the day before and we will do our best to accommodate you. We group the deliveries based on your location and start time and try to deliver as early as we can but to logistics we can be there as late as up to 1 hour prior to your scheduled start time. Typically we deliver 2-3 hours early.

Block parties - Block Parties that do not have attendants we deliver your inflatables the scheduled time, usually around the time your block closes and we pick up between and . Please let us know if you need special arrangements made and we will do our best to meet them.

Bouncer Pick up - Pick up for residential events is typically up to you. We can pick up either after your party ends or we can pick up the following day for no additional charge. Next day pick up can either be as early as or as late as depending on our need for that bouncer that day. There are certain times when we will not be able to leave the bouncer overnight, this could be due to in-climate weather, unsafe setup location(usually front yard setups) or if we have the bouncer scheduled to early the next day. If you have any questions please give us a call 516 595 7333.

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